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Workplace Violence Prevention

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Workplace Violence Training: Being Alert to High-Risk Behavior


Workplace violence is, unfortunately, more prevalent than we’d like to think.   Nearly two million Americans are victims of workplace violence every year.  In the US, homicide is the fourth-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries and the leading cause of death for women in the workplace. In almost every workplace violence incident reported, numerous individuals had identified previous behavior by the person responsible for the violence, which indicated a potential future problem.

Workplace violence is defined as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening behavior occurring in the workplace. This can include verbal abuse, physical assaults, and even homicide. It can be committed by anyone, inside or outside of your organization, and it can impact anyone, including your employees, clients, customers and visitors to your facilities.

Workplace violence can happen anywhere but the risk of incidents can be prevented or minimized if employers take appropriate precautions. Protecting your organization and your employees requires a proactive workplace violence program, which includes training and processes for appropriately dealing with potential issues.  Our comprehensive workplace violence package is an end-to-end solution that includes training, process development, implementation and crisis response management.

The Network partners with Dr. Marc McElhaney of Critical Response Associates to provide its complete workplace violence training solution. Dr. McElhaney is a licensed consulting psychologist and certified mediator who works exclusively in threat assessment, critical incident management, conflict resolution and workplace violence prevention. He is also the author of a workplace violence prevention textbook for managers, Aggression in the Workplace: Preventing and Managing High-Risk Behavior.

The 5 Components of The Network’s Workplace Violence Prevention Solution

  1. Program Assessment, including Policy and Procedures Review – Dr. McElhaney will personally assess your company’s workplace violence risk and issue readiness, as well as review the company’s current policies and program. Dr. McElhaney will advise your organization in the development of workplace violence policies and procedures.
  2. Policy Management Solution – The Network’s Policy Management Solution manages the policy and procedures writing, approval and ongoing revision process.  It also makes the policy accessible to employees in a user friendly and searchable interface and manages the employee review and certification process.
  3. HR and Critical Personnel Training – Dr. McElhaney provides training for those who have primary responsibility in helping to identify, prevent and manage high-risk incidents. This program will last 1- 3 hours and will include a handbook that will guide future decision-makers when faced with a high-risk event.
  4. Employee Awareness Training and Communications Program – Utilizing an interactive and engaging platform,  this online workplace violence training course educates your workforce and your managers regarding potential warning signs of violent behavior and equips them with the knowledge to identify and help prevent workplace violence. Also included are associated vignette communication tools and other awareness  materials, such as posters and wallet cards.
  5. Threat Response Readiness Training and Crisis Response Management – This training, provided by Dr. McElhaney, is tailored to the internal Threat Management Team responsible for guiding the Company’s response to high-risk issues. Dr. McElhaney will offer consulting services to assist in assessment and management of potential workplace violence issues.

The Network’s Comprehensive Workplace Violence Training Program:

  • Reduces the risk of physical harm to employees
  • Ensures consistency with legal standards and expert workplace violence prevention best practices
  • Protects your company’s reputation
  • Helps you proactively identify potential risks and costly problems
  • Reduces costs associated with investigating and managing incidents
  • Reduces legal exposure and litigation costs; and
  • Reduces interruption of business due to incidents

Learn more about how workplace violence training can help protect your organization and employees from violence at work.

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