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Manage Corporate Policies

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It all starts with policies. Along with a Code of Conduct, policies are the key to building an ethical culture and effectively managing risk. You can’t hold employees accountable for their behavior unless you give them clear, comprehensive corporate policies as a guide. Having a robust policy management solution in place helps you manage the whole policy lifecycle, from creating policies that are clear and look consistent, to tracking employee attestations, identifying correlations between incidents and policies and regularly reviewing and updating those policies.

Our comprehensive policy management solution includes features such as:

  • A centralized repository so employees can find all current policies in one place
  • Common templates so all policies look consistent and are easily identifiable as corporate policies
  • Interactive content that bring policies to life and improves employee retention of the material
  • An audit trail that allows you to know which employees attested to which policies at what time and which lets you see what policy was in effect at any given time
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration capabilities for policy owners and contributors
  • A multi-contributor structure that lets more than one person own and edit the content
  • Insight into policy violations from integration with a case management system
  • Association of policies to regulations and control standards to expedite proper policy updates
  • Reminders and tasks throughout the policy lifecycle to ensure you are regularly reviewing policies and updating if necessary to reflect any regulatory or legal changes

Policies have to be clear, consistent, well-written and reviewed regularly in order to be effective. A collaborative, on-demand policy management solution lets you manage the full policy lifecycle, every step of the way.

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We can help your organization implement a policy management initiative that drives policy effectiveness and protects your organization from legal and financial damage caused by misconduct. Contact us today to learn more.

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