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Discrimination And Harassment | AB 1825 Training

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Discrimination and harassment issues cost companies millions of dollars – in lawsuits, damage to reputation, negative employee morale, difficulty retaining top employees and loss of goodwill within the industry. A single discrimination charge or lawsuit can significantly impact an organization’s productivity to the point of failure.

To stay protected, organization must deal with a variety of factors, including:

  • New employees entering the workforce with a diverse set of cultural norms and experiences
  • Evolving social conditions that require new or updated guidance on harassment and discrimination
  • Battling a near constant infusion of examples of non-acceptable behavior from media, TV, movies, and the like
  • Increased use of technology (email, social media, internet, etc.) that exacerbate harassment and discrimination issues
  • Shorter attention spans and use of technology by most of the workforce changes and raises the standard of effective training and communications, such as the interactivity requirements for AB 1825 training
  • Global and immediate visibility of harassment and discrimination issues
  • Significant fines and judgments associated with harassment and discrimination issues
  • An increasing number of complex harassment and discrimination law, including legislation governing civil rights; EEOC private- and public-sector enforcement procedures (systemic discrimination); and state-mandated 2 hour sexual harassment training requirements (i.e., Connecticut, Maine and California – AB 1825 training)

INFOGRAPHIC| What's the real impact of harassment and discrimination in the workplace?

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your organization is to continually educate and communicate to your employees regarding harassment and discrimination in an engaging manner, with a compelling message. Our comprehensive Harassment & Discrimination Program includes:

  • Code of Conduct: A concise, easily accessible Code to let your employees know what behavior is not acceptable when it comes to harassment and discrimination
  • Awareness & Communications: Engage your workforce to understand what constitutes harassment and discrimination, including abusive conduct and workplace bullying, and how to appropriately handle difficult situations
  • Policy Management: Deliver corporate company policies to your employees in an understandable, searchable and engaging format and track their attestations, using best-practices policy template to address harassment and discrimination
  • Whistleblower Hotline: Phone- and web-based tools so your employees have a confidential way to report bad behavior
  • Incident Management: Manage consistent investigations of harassment and discrimination in the workplace

Learn more about how your organization can promote a more positive work environment that will also protect your valuable reputation.

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