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Our resource library includes GRC whitepapers providing the latest insight into a variety of topics related to governance, risk and compliance.

5 Critical Considerations for FCPA Violation Allegations

While most agree that companies must now take all allegations of corruption or faulty compliance seriously, when an allegation of a potential FCPA violation is raised, the immediate course of action isn’t always clear. “To disclose or not to disclose” is a question that haunts many. In this whitepaper, Robert Appleton of Day Pitney LLP examines the five most important considerations for corporate leaders when a potential FCPA violation has been raised within their company. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Cracking the Global Code of Conduct: Developing a Truly Global Perspective

It is tempting to believe that a global Code is simply a broader version of the Codes many organizations developed with a US workforce in mind. But as challenging as writing a US-based Code is, a global Code of Conduct creates a very different set of challenges. In this paper, you’ll learn why a global Code is different, the process of constructing one and how to adjust your mindset to embrace a truly global perspective. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

How Compliance Should Prepare for and Respond to Economic Downturns

As Tom Fox, noted FCPA expert, points out, the SEC and DOJ do not look kindly upon companies that decrease their compliance budget just because their income decreases. In fact, effective FCPA compliance would call for the opposite. Learn about the common mistakes companies make, how to reallocate resources from low- to high-risk areas and how to use a technological solution to manage your FCPA compliance program. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Embracing Whistleblowers: Understand the Real Risks and Cultivate a Culture of Reporting

Few compliance practitioners think kindly about whistleblowers – in fact, embracing them is likely the farthest thing from their mind. But are most whistleblowers really the havoc-bringers we imagine them to be? In this whitepaper, you’ll learn more about who the average whistleblower is, and some of his primary motivations for reporting externally. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

The ROI of Employee Engagement in Ethics and Compliance Training

David Houlihan, Principal Analyst of Blue Hill Research, discusses the underlying business needs and dynamics related to the role of employee engagement in the execution and value of training. You’ll learn how to measure the impact of your ethics and compliance training program, how to evaluate the importance of employee engagement and which metrics most comprehensively measure the ROI of compliance training. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

5 Keys to FCPA Enforcement in 2015

In this whitepaper, FCPA expert Tom Fox explains the 5 key trends in FCPA enforcement from 2014 and shares his predictions for 2015. Additionally, Tom dives into how to use these insights to strengthen your FCPA compliance program for the coming year. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Behind The Bribe – What Compliance Officers Can Learn From A First Hand Account Of The Dark Side Of International Business

In this whitepaper, by anti-bribery blogger and former FBI/UK contributor, Richard Bistrong, you’ll get a first hand look at what happens “behind the bribe. Download your whitepaper today to learn how to implement compliance programs that mitigate the temptations, rationalizations and interactions that employees face in the field, and so often combine into a perfect storm of criminal activity. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

The Comprehensive Guide To Ethics & Compliance Hotline Programs

Your hotline is a key internal control that can mitigate the risk that your company will be subject to government investigations and enforcement actions for misconduct that went undetected. Download your whitepaper today for a best practices framework you can implement to detect misconduct and promote ethical culture in your organization. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Benchmarking Your Policy Management Program

In this whitepaper, Chief GRC Pundit, Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 provides a framework for an organization’s policy management program to be measured against peers within the industry, as well as organizations of similar size and structure across industries. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

The Foundations of Social Media Risk Management

This whitepaper, authored by Blue Hill Research and commissioned by The Network, provides an overview of the scope of the problem and discusses issues that organizations must review in order to develop effective responses to social media risk. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Better Compliance Through Technology

Integrated solutions are enabling better business decisions and delivering a holistic approach to drive risk reduction efforts. This paper takes a look at risk trends and examines how organizations can leverage enhanced integration technology to bolster their compliance and risk management initiatives.
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

The Value of Animation and Visual Storytelling for Corporate Training

As a communication tool for corporate ethics & compliance training, the illustrated narrative has the ability to teach, engage and entertain.
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

5 Lethal Mistakes In Workplace Violence Prevention

In this whitepaper, workplace violence expert Dr. Marc McElhaney discusses the precursors and signals that lead up to incidents of workplace violence. He shares the 5 most lethal mistakes or omissions companies make when building their workplace violence prevention programs. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Protecting Against Workplace Violence

In this whitepaper, workplace violence expert Dr. Marc McElhaney discusses the staggering amount of workplace violence that occurs daily in the US. He shares statistics regarding the staggering costs of even a single incident, 5 steps to develop your workplace violence prevention plan, and an overview of laws and regulations that govern workplace violence prevention initiatives. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Mergers and Acquisitions Under the FCPA

In this whitepaper, FCPA expert Tom Fox explains best practices for merger and acquisitions under the FCPA. He defines 5 steps to thorough pre-acquisition due diligence and 15 key risk factors for FCPA M&A analysis. Additionally, Fox delves into post-acquisition integration, and illustrates his point with 3 case studies. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Battling Your GRC Demons

This whitepaper discusses five key initiatives that are critical to the success of your company’s ethics and compliance program well into 2015. Download now to learn how ethics and compliance are essential drivers required for organizations to remain viable and thriving. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Code of Conduct – The Foundation of Your FCPA Compliance Program

In this whitepaper, FCPA expert Tom Fox explains how the DOJ and Federal Sentencing Guidelines define an effective Code of Conduct, and how to maintain a FCPA compliant program through documenting, training and refreshing the policies and procedures that promote an ethical culture and protect your organization. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

5 Hotline Best Practices for Effective FCPA Compliance

In this whitepaper, renowned FCPA expert Tom Fox explores the five key areas that define an effective FCPA compliant ethics hotline and anonymous reporting program. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

8 Considerations for Effective FCPA Training

Download our whitepaper, written by FCPA attorney and expert Tom Fox, for a list of guidelines at what defines an effective FCPA training including the “knowledge” versus “rules” approach, what types of training are effective and how to deploy them throughout the organization. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

5 Trends in FCPA Compliance and Enforcement

Download our whitepaper, written by FCPA attorney and expert Tom Fox, for an inside look at the five latest trends in FCPA compliance and enforcement. Glean insights from real-life enforcement actions and declinations of prosecution to help bolster your compliance management system to stay aligned with DOJ and SEC guidance and mitigate the risks of conducting business abroad. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Policy and Training Investment – The ‘Front-End’ of Compliance

In this whitepaper, Blue Hill Research discusses the importance of “front-end” compliance and explains the four phases of compliance activity required to turn regulatory requirements into effective compliance practice. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

5 Key Focus Areas for Internal Investigations of Sexual Harassment

In this whitepaper, legal expert Raanon Gal, looks into the five critical areas involved in an internal sexual harassment investigation, from the aspect of who is responsible for what and how their input should be administered. An effective investigation process can help the organization establish preventative measures aimed at reducing future risk and liability, not to mention the positive boost to employee relations and the strengthening of your ethically minded culture. Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Fighting Workplace Discrimination and Harassment on a Global Scale

In this whitepaper, International employment expert Donald C. Dowling, Jr. says that multinational organizations looking to foster a harassment-free workplace on a global scale, to protect both themselves and their employees, need subtlety, nuance, strategy and finesse.  To be effective, discrimination compliance – which varies greatly between the U.S. and other countries – must retain a local perspective. So what are the best practices to globalize U.S.-based programs and make sure policies are enforceable in each jurisdiction? What cultural considerations must you make for anti-harassment training and investigations? Download the whitepaper [PDF]

7 Reasons to Choose a Natively Integrated GRC Solution

This whitepaper looks at how natively integrated GRC platforms offer access and visibility into and across the ethics & compliance ecosphere. Unlike typical application integration, that pulls together comparable data sets from multiple sources, native integration supports multiple business processes on a common yet flexible platform, leading to the overall improvement of compliance and performance while dealing with ever-changing internal policies and global regulations.
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Protecting Your Organization Against Discrimination & Harassment

How does an organization begin to recognize, prevent, resolve and mitigate discrimination and harassment allegations or claims? How do you protect against retaliation in these matters? How do you train your workforce to know discrimination and harassment when they see it and take necessary action to prevent it in the first place?
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Seven Elements: Staying Aligned with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

A best-practices approach provides a solid foundation by which to identify, communicate, resolve and remediate any fraudulent or unethical behavior, protecting your organization by remaining in-step with the US FSGO’s “seven elements” of a successful ethics and compliance program.
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Eliminating Bribery and Corruption

While it may seem that bribery and corruption abound, organizations that follow compliance best practices are better prepared to protect their revenue and reputations alike.
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Top 12 GRC Considerations

While regulation is certainly not a new concept to many organizations, the risks posed by regulatory non-compliance will continue to drive global enterprises to tighten their focus on risk management – literally, the center of GRC – and find the balance between business value and business ethics.
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

The Integrated Approach to Managing Policies

Policy management is at the core of the GRC initiative, governing the boundaries of the organization’s risk appetite and culture while establishing and promoting desired behavior.
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

Integrity: Does Your Organization Walk Its Talk?

Authored by noted GRC pundit Michael Rasmussen, this whitepaper asks and answers pertinent questions such as: Who defines corporate values and ethics? What risks are involved? What roles do policy and technology play in defining, establishing and maintaining corporate integrity?
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

The Human Side of GRC: The Essence of Governance, Risk and Compliance

It’s the most fundamental and frequently asked question in GRC practice: How do you influence people throughout the organization (from the boardroom to the mail room) to become fully invested in establishing and maintaining a true culture of ethical governance, risk management, and compliance? In addressing this question, risk and crisis management experts Bruce Blythe and Richard Machold look to two generally accepted and proven models of leadership development and behavior management.
Download the whitepaper [PDF]

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