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A Code of Conduct Revolution is Here.

Enter the Agile Code.


We believe your company should stop thinking of your Code of Conduct as a document and start thinking of it as an experience. A truly effective Code is an authentic expression of who you are and who you want to be… and to your employees and stakeholders that is much, much more than a document.

Why? Because documents are static and experiences evolve. Documents are flat and experiences are interactive. Documents are linear, but we can journey any number of ways through an experience.

Ask yourself: do you want employees to live your Code, to interact and engage with it? Really experience and embody it?

Or do you want them to just read it?

What is an Agile Code of Conduct?


Let’s start with what it’s not. It’s not a document. It’s not huge bars of text. And it’s not simply a PDF version of a book. The Agile Code is a Web-based, responsive Code experience that brings your culture to life. It has many of the same features and functionality as a website. It is truly interactive and employees can access it from anywhere, on any device.

You’ll need to sign up for a live demo to see the full functionality of the Agile Code, but remember these three things:

  1. Employees can navigate it anyway they want (like a website) instead of going through it linearly (like a book or PDF), which means they can go directly to what they are looking for.
  2. Because it’s truly interactive, it can contain videos and interactive exercises like quizzes, decision trees and more.
  3. The Ethics & Compliance team gets access to analytics (like marketers have with your website), so they can see which areas are being viewed, which areas are not and where potential issues may be.

Why Choose the Agile Code?

  • Your employees are used to finding information this way
  • It provides a seamless connection between guidance and supporting resources like policies or videos
  • It encourages employees to really engage with the content
  • Analytics give you insight: which areas are being viewed, most popular search terms, etc
  • You can run campaigns that drive traffic to the Code
  • It’s easy to swap out content (e.g., new imagery, new contact information)
  • It is an exceptional brand marketing platform

New Ways to Interact with the Agile Code

  • Search FAQs
  • Submit questions
  • Share content
  • View “trending topics”, “most searched topics”

Key Features

Your stakeholders can:

  • Easily navigate the Agile Code. Agile Codes are not linear by nature. They can be traversed any number of ways, so employees (and other stakeholders) can easily find the information they’re searching for. They can seamlessly navigate from Code of Conduct principles to applicable policies to supporting resources to help them make the right decisions.
  • Access Agile Code from anywhere, with any device. Unlike fixed, traditional Codes, which are often viewed as PDF files, Agile Code is fully responsive. The entire experience is adapted for optimal viewing on whichever device the Code is accessed on.
  • Engage with the Code. The Agile Code can contain videos, decision trees,  interactive activities like quizzes… the list goes on. Employees really interact with it and learn as they do.

Just as importantly, the Agile Code allows the Ethics and Compliance team to:

  • Quickly, easily update the Code. Making updates when printed copies or PDFs have been distributed can be painful. But changing the content of an Agile Code is as easy as changing the content of a website. You can respond quickly to changes in the legal or regulatory environment with adjusted guidance and resources for employees.
  • Highlight important messages. Want to reinforce the ethics and compliance campaigns you’re currently running? Feature relevant trainings and policies on the Code’s “home page”. You have the flexibility to rotate feature messages and drive traffic to them with your awareness campaigns.
  • Access reporting & analytics for the Code. With the Agile Code, you can see which areas of the Code are – and are not – being accessed, which gives you insight into potential problem areas or knowledge gaps. For example, if your employees are visiting the conflicts of interest policy ten times more often than expected, perhaps you need to offer some training. Analytics can also help you measure the efficacy of your campaigns – you can expect to see visits to your anti-bribery policies increase after you roll out anti-bribery training, for example.

You need to see it in action to really appreciate the impact an Agile Code of Conduct could have on your employees, stakeholders and culture.

Contact Ustoday to schedule an Agile Code of Conduct demo.

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