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Reporting and Analytics

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Reporting & Analytics is a vital part of The Network’s award-winning Integrated GRC Suite. Most organizations have plenty of data, but they lack insight into the true drivers of their business. Fortunately, our robust Reporting & Analytics engine – built on a natively integrated, seamless platform – is designed to turn data into information so you can make correlations between incidents, cases, courses, policies and corrective or preventative action plans. It’s a best in class reporting solution that gives you secure, real-time access to all of your information across the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) spectrum.

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Reporting & Analytics is flexible and allows you to see your ethics and compliance data the way you want to see it; including the ability to navigate from a line item in a report to the details of a case or policy. It’s easy to use; you can quickly build, publish and distribute customized, board-ready reports and dashboards in a variety of formats. And our InsightView™ feature is an interactive visualization tool that graphically displays your data across multiple dimensions so you can easily uncover trends and take immediate action.

Reporting & Analytics allows you to see an integrated view of your data across all of the applications in the GRC Suite so you can connect the dots between cases, policies, incidents, training and corrective or preventive action plans. It gives you the critical insight you need to effectively manage your program.


  • SaaS-based report generation and management application
  • Enables client-administered access to create, publish and distribute customized reports in a variety of formats
    • User-configurable capabilities enable end-users to see data that is most relevant to them
    • Multi-dimensional, real-time reporting via Dashboards and InsightView for maximum data value
    • Multiple customizable methods to capture, share and display your data
    • Client-defined, role-based permission controls
    • Drill-through capabilities

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