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Policy Management

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Policy Management is part of The Network’s Integrated GRC Suite and protects your organization by helping you set the standards of expected behavior for your employees. You can manage the full lifecycle of policies – from creating a policy through approval, publication and regular reviews – in one, centralized place.

This ability to actually manage and not just store your policies is critical because the worst thing you can do for your company is to put a bunch of Word documents in a software tool or on a shared drive and call yourself protected. Unlike typical document-based policy applications, our Policy Management software allows you to tag specific policy sections and perform detailed reporting of policy activity. Plus, you can embed interactive content such as “how to” videos or training courses to bring your policies to life so your employees can understand how to apply the policies in their everyday lives.

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Policy And Procedure Software: Focus on IT

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Because our Policy Management software is integrated to the other applications in the suite, you can navigate from a policy to the incidents or cases related to that policy or to the training test scores of an employee who is being investigated. All of your data is integrated so you can connect the dots between policies and incidents, cases and corrective or preventive action plans with our Reporting & Analytics engine. Plus, our Policy Management solution allows you to map sections of policies to regulatory statements, reference sources and control standards to expedite compliance with changing regulations and governance issues.

Further, you can track policy versions so you know what version was in place on any given date, and you can monitor approved exceptions to policies, so you can show who is exempted from a policy and why. You can also measure employee attestations, so you know which employees certified to which version of which policies, all key features that can protect your company in the event of a lawsuit.

The solution is easy to use and designed for collaboration. You can use one of the more than 50 pre-loaded ethics and compliance-related policies as-is or modify them as needed. You can have different people working on different sections of the same policy within the system, so you don’t have to email around multiple Word documents and try to keep track of changes. And you can define a consistent look for policies by using a template so employees know what a policy looks like and how it reads.

Policy Management Software Features

  • Fully integrated with training, incidents, cases and corrective/preventative action plans
  • Centralized, secure and Web-based
  • Standardized templates create consistent policies and procedures across the enterprise
  • Pre-loaded with more than 50 best-practice policies for ethics and compliance, which can be used as-is or further modified as needed to meet an organization’s requirements
  • Notifications keep open tasks top-of-mind to expedite review and approval process
  • Wiki-based interface with multimedia capabilities, messaging and powerful rich text editing tools
  • Publish and distribute to defined recipient groups to ensure proper distribution and attestation
  • Automatic date-sensitive version tracking
  • Full archiving and audit tracking
  • Mapping of sections to reference source guidelines and control standards
  • Accessible via the “MyPolicies” Mobile App (for Apple® iPad® devices) or natively via other mobile devices, so your workforce can read, attest to and reference policies, as needed by your on-the-go employees

Contact us to learn how The Network can help you more effectively manage your entire ethics and compliance policy management lifecycle and ensure your employees know what your policies are.

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