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The Integrated GRC Suite

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Every day there are more headlines about companies being fined millions of dollars for violating anti-corruption laws, retaliating against whistleblowers or failing to uphold their standards of conduct. It’s a big job to keep your company compliant with the Dodd-Frank Act, the UK Bribery ActFCPA and countless other laws and an ever increasing number of regulations; not to mention keeping your employees trained on your policies and encouraging a “speak-up” culture so you can find out about violations and investigate or correct behavior.

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Compliance is critically important but it doesn’t have to be confusing. The Network’s Integrated GRC Suite – the first to deliver seamless native integration of enterprise-level compliance data – allows you to have enterprise-wide visibility of your compliance activities in order to help you protect your company from risks, detect issues early, and correct the underlying causes of misconduct. Our software as a service (SaaS) solution houses all of your ethics and compliance data in one integrated, secure suite, enabling more effective risk management by giving you a full picture of your entire compliance program. Our Integrated GRC Suite also includes a Mobile App designed with your employees in mind, so your workforce has fingertip access to policies, training, alerts and more.

And we’re quite proud of the fact that GRC 20/20 Research recognized our Suite for a 2013 Technology Innovation Award, describing it as “the Apple of GRC” for its design and user experience.

The suite includes:

  • Reporting & Analytics – build, publish and manage reports and dashboards that let you quickly uncover trends by bringing together data from ALL components of the suite and easily drill down into detailed information or navigate to the specific case, incident, or policy in question
  • Policy Management – create, distribute and manage your company policies, track employee attestation and know which version of a policy was in effect at any given time
  • Training & Communications – train your employees on your policies, Code of Conduct, ethical decision-making and other mission critical topics so they know required behavior, and track who has taken what training courses as well as their proficiency
  • Compliance Management – detect unethical or unlawful behavior with our best in class ethics and compliance whistleblower hotline and on-line Web reporting or proactively assess your risks or survey your employees to uncover policy violations or ethics-related incidents
  • Incident Management – utilize our centralized event and incident repository to manage your investigations from allegation to resolution with our best practice workflows
  • CAPA/Remediation – launch a corrective action plan or a preventative action plan based on the outcomes of a case, risk assessment, survey or incident so you can address the root cause and not just the symptoms of the issues facing your organization
Reporting Dashboards (click to expand)
Reporting Dashboard | Integrated GRC Suite
My GRC Dashboard (click to expand)
My GRC Dashboard | Integrated GRC Suite
Survey Results (click to expand)
Survey Results | Integrated GRC Suite

My Policies Mobile App

Our award-winning Integrated GRC Suite leverages common infrastructure-level security protocols across all components and strictly adheres to global data privacy rules, so you can be sure your data is safe and your company is in compliance. We designed it with an intuitive social media-style interface so it’s easy to use and easy to collaborate. Our intuitive, social media-style interface and “MyPolicies” Mobile App make it easy to use and easy to collaborate.

And the Integrated GRC Suite is also powerful; it gives you instant visibility across all of the above applications, so you can quickly and easily connect the dots between incidents, cases, policies, courses, and corrective or preventative action plans. Whether you have 500 employees in one country or 100,000 employees across the globe, you can manage your entire compliance program with one configurable, flexible and secure solution.

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Awards & Certifications 2013 GRC 20/20 Technology Innovation Award 2013 TAG Top 40 Innovative Company 2012 IABC Gold Quill Award 2012 MarCom Award We self-certify compliance Safe Harbor Safe Harbor Certification SOC 2 Certification