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Incident Management

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Incident Management is a key part of the Integrated GRC Suite from The Network. Whether you get a report from a whistleblower hotline call, or you identify a control weakness as part of a compliance risk assessment, you need to have a process and solution in place that lets you triage and manage the issue from investigation through resolution.

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Incident Management is a secure, flexible and scalable solution to centralize issues and events across your organization, so you ensure consistent investigative processes. It is easy to use and administer, and provides sophisticated access controls which let all necessary parties collaborate on a case while ensuring that users only see the data they need to see for each case.

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Incident Management is configurable to your organization’s specific needs and contains built-in best practice workflows for investigations and a robust rules engine that helps you manage cases consistently and effectively. Because Incident Management is integrated to the other applications in the suite, you can navigate from a case to the relevant policy or to the training test scores of an employee who is being investigated. Not only is the navigation integrated, but the data is too, so you can connect the dots between cases, policies and corrective or preventive action plans with our Reporting & Analytics engine.


  • Fully integrated with policies, training and corrective/preventative action plans
  • Industry-first Event Queue, a centralized repository to track and triage all incidents
  • Comprehensive Case Queue for one-click view of all current, pending and new cases, plus inline editing and real-time updates
  • Case Detail for in-depth view into case activities, including status, risk, priority and due date
  • Case Diary command/control area for investigators for notes, reminders and tasks
  • Robust administration capabilities for adding, editing or viewing locations, flagging people or groups, creating system roles, designating groups as active or inactive
  • Enhanced information-sharing for better access, data collection, communication and real-time decision-making
  • A comprehensive rules engine that allows for auto creation of cases, workflows and customized distribution of cases
  • Sophisticated data protection and user access restrictions provide end-users with only the data they need to ensure that sensitive data is not compromised

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