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Ethics & Whistleblower Hotline Provider

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Our anonymous, confidential reporting hotline is a critical part of the Integrated GRC Suite.  All the training and policies in the world won’t be worth much if your employees are hesitant to report misconduct or you are unable to securely and reliably capture their reports.

No company offers a better anonymous whistleblower hotline than The Network. We are the experts in capturing confidential reports via phone and the web, in multiple languages and geographies, and quickly disseminating them to you so you can begin your investigation process.

Our hotline solution includes these important features:

  • Phone – Our contact center is 24/7/365 and offers toll-free service in more than 200 languages. Other hotline providers will tell you that the phone isn’t as important anymore and that you should be pushing your employees to report online. Offering online report submission is important, but it’s essential that you also offer a phone hotline because an interactive, two-way conversation yields more actionable information than a one-way form submission. Our interview specialists follow our industry-leading, proprietary interview methodology called CAT (Compliant Accurate & Thorough) that results in very substantial incident reports so you have the best information to start your investigation process.
  • Leadership Web intake – We offer your managers a way to report incidents that employees have reported to them, via a secure leadership form. Studies show that if you are not capturing these “open door” conversations in a centralized database, you are losing visibility into a significant percentage of the issues occurring within your organization.
  • Web intake – Our solution provides you with secure and customized self-reporting capabilities via the web.
  • International Web Forms – You can offer your employees around the globe a web form for submitting reports that comply with local data privacy laws.

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