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Your Employee Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of your ethical culture.


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How to Create a Code of Ethics

We recognize that your Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of the ethical culture at your organization – it sets the standards of expected behavior for employees and provides information they need to act with integrity in the workplace and in compliance with laws, regulations and company policies.

But an employee Code of Conduct is not a “once and done” kind of document. A Code of Conduct requires periodic review and re-writes to reflect changing business environments and regulatory requirements, not to mention style updates to keep the look and feel consistent with your evolving brand. Whether you’re working on a refresh or a complete overhaul, we’re here to help.

Our Expertise

We are experts at writing and refreshing Codes of Conduct and we would love to help you with yours. With The Network, you can rely on a partner with more than more than two decades of experience writing and refreshing codes that have helped make our clients more productive and successful. In fact, when you combine the experience of our creative team, you’ll find the department has a total of more than 150 years of experience.

This experience has allowed us to write the Codes of Conduct for some of the most successful brands in the world. As you can see in our Portfolio, companies such as Newell Rubbermaid, Dell, Big Heart Pet Brands, NetApp, and JPMorgan Chase have entrusted us with their Codes. Our team knows how to create a Code of Ethics that will resonate with your employees. Our writers and design experts take the time to make sure that every word, image and design element clearly reflect the brand image, tone and culture your company is known for.

The Key Elements of a Successful Code of Conduct

Does your Code truly engage employees… Or bore them?

Created by award-winning experts, our high-impact designs draws employees’ attention to key points, with high-impact learning and comprehension aids, including “need to know” call-out boxes, pull-quotes for added emphasis and industry-specific questions and answers. We strictly adhere to your corporate branding standards.

Is your Code responsive?

We can transform your print-version Code into an interactive PDF version linked to company policies, or into a fully responsive Agile Code.

Learn more about our Agile Code.

Does your Code meet the needs of your global footprint?

We can localize a company’s Code of Conduct into any languages required, including English, French (European and Canadian), Italian, German, Spanish (Latin American and Castilian), Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

We ensure that Code of Conduct localization is sensitive to cultural nuances and tailored to reflect country-specific information, legislation and regulations.

Does your current Code resonate with employees?

Does it address the issues employees face on a day-to-day basis to support ethical decision-making? We write Codes of Conduct using a tone that complements your organizational culture and employee demographics.

Does your Code have training and communications support?

Our team of communications professionals has decades of experience helping our clients develop successful communications campaigns tailored to the organization and its culture. We work with you to not only produce your Code but also to launch it and support it with ongoing communications and training.

Portfolio Examples

Check out some examples of our work in our Code of Conduct Portfolio.

Delivery Options

We understand that different organizations have different needs. We offer two different formats for your Code. We can deliver your Code in either a traditional format, such as an interactive PDF, or as a fully responsive Agile Code.

What is the Agile Code?

Let’s start with what it’s not. It’s not a document. It’s not huge bars of text. And it’s not simply a PDF version of a book. The Agile Code is a Web-based, responsive Code experience that brings your culture to life. It has many of the same features and functionality as a website. It is truly interactive and employees can access it from anywhere, on any device.

You’ll need to sign up for a live demo to see the full functionality of the Agile Code, or click the button below to learn more.

Learn More About Agile Code

Is your Code living up to its potential?

We can transform your print-version Code into an interactive PDF version linked to company policies, beautifully designed to be both eye-catching and true to your brand.

We are specialists in writing or re-writing Codes of Conduct with user-friendly language, eye-catching design elements and customized company-specific callouts that draw attention to key points and enhance readability. We partner with your corporate communications office to reflect and preserve your corporate identity, and will adhere to your brand standards for logo, colors, typefaces, voice and tone.

Training Your Employees on Your Code of Conduct

One of our most popular ethics and compliance training courses is our “Code of Conduct Overview,” which essentially brings your Code to life for your employees and tests their knowledge of its key topics. Plus, we offer Learning Blocks, which are shorter versions of our award-winning content, like Conflicts of Interest or Anti-Corruption, so you can go deeper in any areas you wish. Organizations can essentially build their own Code training with Learning Blocks.

Contact Usto learn more about how The Network can help your company create or refresh an effective employee Code of Conduct.

Award-Winning Employee Code of Conduct Services

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