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Risk Management Reporting Services

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The Network’s NetClaim reporting services cover every line of coverage including Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Auto Liability, Property, Short and Long Term Disability and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) absences. NetClaim offers the flexibility to support unique needs such as druggist liability, premises liability, product liability, play equipment liability or medical malpractice.

NetClaim also supports state filing and referrals to help for a cost-effective, turnkey solution. All of The Network’s claim reporting services are available on a fully or partially outsourced basis, enabling you to optimize coverage while minimizing costs. NetClaim offers:

Award-Winning Intake

NetClaim sets the standard for reliable intake of complex information. In fact, the NetClaim software was named a Top Tier Technology product by Risk & Insurance magazine because it uses sophisticated technology to ensure information is documented completely, regardless of the complexity involved.

Automated Escalation

When a critical report comes in, NetClaim’s escalation process is automatically triggered. The system is driven by a powerful business-rules engine that ensures your escalation requirements are followed, no matter how complex. The notification process can be seamlessly tailored by timeframe, the location involved, the type of incident or any other aspect of the report.


NetClaim’s reliable notification system is guided by your specific business rules that enable us to trigger dissemination with exceptional speed and accuracy to as many recipients as you require. NetClaim offers a full spectrum of dissemination and delivery options including e-mail, fax, mail or a variety of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formats.

Companion Claim

When an incident generates multiple claims, certain pieces of information will be common to each claim. With NetClaim’s Companion Claim feature, the relevant information automatically pre-fills from claim to claim to ensure consistency, shorten the claim reporting process and make the reporting experience easier for your employees.

Data Synchronization and Integration

Data synchronization can vastly improve the accuracy and speed of claim reporting. Up-to-the-minute information facilitates proper handling of incidents and enhances the claim reporting experience. With NetClaim, data feeds are updated several times a day to ensure every report is based on the most current information possible.

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