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Infographic – What Impact Has the AB1825 Training Mandate Had?

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It’s been nearly 10 years since the AB1825 training mandate went into effect in California. AB1825 training is the first law that details quality standards. These standards include interactivity, scenarios, and practical examples. This raises the question, while this law is innovative in nature, what has it actually changed? What has the impact been? While our whitepaper, “AB1825: What’s the Impact?“, lays out the conclusions more thoroughly, here’s a quick overview of noteworthy statistics.



AB1825 Training Best Practices

To ensure that the training experience and the messaging are consistent for all managers, many organizations who operate not just in the state of California, but also other parts of the country, choose to provide AB1825 training to all of their managers. It’s important for all managers to have a consistent training experience, and more importantly, that all managers receive the same message regarding your company’s values.

Federal law also provides major incentives for companies to train their managers, regardless of where they are employed.

  • The Farragher and Ellerth cases,  two United States Supreme Court cases, create financial incentives for organizations that provide harassment and discrimination training for managers.
  • Under Farragher and Ellerth, companies that provide training may be able to avoid damages – and in the right circumstances all liability – by providing training for managers.
  • As a practical matter, manager-level harassment and discrimination training is so widely used that a company would stand well outside the mainstream if it chose not to provide this training in some way.
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