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Celebrities Also Need Compliance Training

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Celebrities Also Need Compliance Training

You see it all the time in the media: celebrities behaving badly. It seems that hardly a day goes by that we don’t read about some celebrity engaging in destructive activity. Then again, our society is completely wrapped up in celebrity culture. Some psychologists have even categorized the extreme among us as having “celebrity worship syndrome.” People are more focused on what celebrities wore and did than what is actually happening in the world. Social media exacerbates this; it allows us to see what celebrities do, almost in real time. What Hollywood really needs is a corporate compliance training program. Celebrities think they can get away with anything and everything, and sometimes they actually do. Does OJ Simpson ring a bell?

The bottom line is that ethics and compliance training isn’t just for the workplace, it can apply to everyone. Many people are impressionable. When they see their favorite celebrities behaving poorly, they think that behavior must be OK. For some, their obsession with pop culture overshadows right and wrong. They would rather believe in the fantasy world of celebrity culture, than be immersed in the ups and downs of real life. So why not set a good example, Hollywood? It may be time for Tinseltown to get an ethical makeover.

Justin Bieber In The News


Justin Bieber. The man (manchild…) that needs compliance training the most… maybe even some Code of Conduct training. In case you have been living under a rock for the past eight years, Justin Bieber is pop icon that was discovered on YouTube in 2007. While originally a clean cut, youth and Grammy-nominated singer, he has since dominated the pop culture music scene and has won the hearts of preteen girls across the globe. Unfortunately, it appears his fame went to his head and he is has been making headlines for some repugnant and distasteful behavior in the past year. The most recent incident: Justin Bieber gets charged with misdemeanor vandalism.

At 20 years of age, Bieber is charged for throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home leaving serious damages. He’s 20… not 13. The Sheriff that investigated the case claimed that the damages to the home added up to more than $20,000.

Bieber is also facing a DUI charge in Florida and an assault charge Toronto. Beiber was arrested for drunk driving and upon his arrest, the singer also tested positive for marijuana and the drug Xanax. In Toronto, the singer turned himself in on the charge of assaulting a limo driver.

It gets even uglier. In 2013, Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. After he toured the museum he ended his visit by writing in the Holocaust memorial’s guest book, “Truly inspiring to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” For those of you that don’t know, a “belieber” is a term used to describe his devoted fans. That’s just cringe-worthy .

The incident raised some serious controversy and gained nationwide coverage. The media argued that apparently all Bieber took away from his visit was the fact that he wished Anne Frank liked his music, rather than the historical importance the museum represented. Not to mention the fact that he entirely dismissed the horrors that Anne Frank and an entire population faced, as though their biggest problem had been a lack of access to Bieber music.

Bieber is a role model because he is in the public eye. Whether he believes it or not, his actions not only affect him, but also the young girls and boys that look up to him. Yet, he remains someone who bypasses laws, rules, and regulations and is witnessed by everyone. What is Bieber really trying to prove? Why does he think his poor conduct is acceptable?

Celebrities And Corporate Compliance Training

Like I mentioned above, our society is fascinated with celebrity culture. As you can tell, I am definitely not a Justin Bieber fan nor would I ever mimic anything he does or says. However, there are other celebrities that I admire and I hate seeing them doing anything wrong or illegal. Sometimes I wish I could teach some stars a thing or two about ethical conduct, especially since many of them have fans that are much younger and more malleable than I.

I believe compliance training isn’t just for the workplace, but should be implemented in today’s society. What society needs are people that are worthy of the term “role model.” Not only do people look up to their managers and colleagues while on the job, but also people present in the media. Calling someone a bad name or breaking the law isn’t cool and won’t make you seem more of a badass (cough, Bieber, cough).

I think it’s time to send Justin back to Canada. Or maybe Pluto.

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