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The Innovation of Integrated Compliance Software Solutions

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The Innovation of Integrated Compliance Software Solutions

Last week The Network was recognized as a Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Top 40 Innovative Company, and we had the privilege of attending the 2013 Georgia Technology Summit to receive the award. The award marked a significant milestone for The Network’s Integrated GRC Suite and gave us the opportunity to showcase our integrated compliance software solution before an audience of peers.

The Summit was an awesome experience to see and hear from some of the most “out there” technology companies in Georgia. We saw some fascinating technology ranging from hardware-centric, like viaCycle’s bicycle sharing technology and NanoLumens’ flexible large-format LED display solutions, to software-based solutions such as Emcien’s pattern-based data marketing and analytics products.

When it comes to innovation it’s often about the “ah-ha” moment. The Summit gave us quite a few such moments, like the discussion by the inventor of Ethernet, Robert Metcalfe, who reminded us that when you connect things together, they become more valuable. Connect your corporate policies to your ethics & compliance training, and align that with your incident management and remediation efforts, and you have something useful and effective. That’s a connected, integrated compliance solution that organizations can really use to protect themselves and drive better performance.

We were also reminded that cultural aspects are critical to innovation and business success. Matt Quinlan, CTO for Visa, reiterated the collaboration message and talked about the notion of “brand promise investment” and how that pays off in terms of reputation and status as a trusted company. One way to get there is to cultivate an ethical culture that makes compliance a priority and maintain a high degree of security and reliability in your products and your technology. There is much value in that, and integrated compliance solutions that provide the metrics to show the link between policy and awareness, operational risk assessments and issue resolution all help to fulfill that promise of credibility.

About the Author

Jimmy Lin, VP, Product Management & Corporate Development. Jimmy leads corporate and product strategies for The Network’s Integrated GRC Solutions. He has over 14 years experience in and around software and technology, from implementing software to analyzing new markets and leading product strategies. Jimmy is a Certified GRC Professional (GRCP). Connect with Jimmy on LinkedIn

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