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Is the Gap Between Data Security and Corporate Policy Keeping You Up at Night?

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Is the Gap Between Data Security and Corporate Policy Keeping You Up at Night?

If you answered yes, you aren’t alone. With increasing access points to corporate information, compliance and IT departments have cause for concern. According to a recent five-year forecast for mobile traffic data by Cisco Systems, the number of users with mobile devices is expected to climb another 20 percent by 2017 and traffic across high-speed 4G networks will grow 40-fold by that time.

Matt Kelly of Compliance Week discussed the risks posed by mobile and social media in his article entitled “Living with Risks in an Era of Mobile Devices, Social Media.” While approaches differ, one thing all compliance executives agree on is the need to corral and contain the multiple of access points employees have to corporate information. If you don’t have a corporate policy in place to manage data security, you are falling behind – especially when it comes to mobile accessibility.

A new report from iGR, the wireless and mobile communication consultancy, says that nearly 62 percent of SMBs have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place. The report also revealed that 73 percent of companies were reporting on at least some level unofficial permission to bring personal devices to work. Such a laissez-faire attitude might not fly at a larger corporation.

These findings suggest compliance departments are currently in a reactive position. Without a corporate policy in place, compliance departments are at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting corporate assets. Should an employee leave, the compliance department needs a mechanism for cutting off access to corporate accounts (including the corporate Twitter, Facebook accounts) and to those documents living in the cloud and those downloaded to an employee’s personal computer. Determining just how many access points an employee has to your corporate materials is challenging but necessary to protect your data.

As a first step, define your company’s social media and cloud policy, which should be driven by a tone from the top. Train your employees on corporate policy and ensure you are tailoring your policy toward how employees consume information. Plan to review your policy on a regular basis, and analyze and address any gaps. A proactive approach to employee engagement and policy development increases the likelihood of adoption and overall success.

About the Author

John Peltier, Product Marketing Manager. John leads the product marketing efforts for The Network’s integrated governance, risk and compliance software suite and previously led the strategy and development efforts of our Policy Management and Learning Management Systems. He is an accomplished product professional, with over a decade of experience delivering solutions to business problems. He has spent three years in ethics and compliance, and previously spent nine years in healthcare.


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