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Are Anti Corruption Training and Awareness the New Human Rights Movement?

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Are Anti Corruption Training and Awareness the New Human Rights Movement?

A recent blog by Anne Applebaum that appeared in Slate suggests that factors which started the human rights movements are now fueling many global anti corruption law movements – this time people are focusing on ending government corruption, a primary motivating factor in many political movements around the world.

At first, one might think unrest was caused by anti-authoritarian factions who are eager to overthrow corrupt regimes. However, dissidents and activists see no difference between repressive political systems and corruption within the political class. They’ve had enough of the corruption and they want their governments to respond – clean up their act, so to speak, or they’ll depose them. They want a share of the equity, a better life and they feel strongly that their corrupt governments stand between them and their desires.

Anne feels that if given enough time, the international anti corruption law movement has the “potential to enhance and augment human-rights rhetoric enormously.” She states the same arguments of justice, fairness and the rule of law are made in both movements, and are universal and integral to the quest for equality.

How does this apply to the business world, you ask? Organizations are and will be subject to the outcome of these movements. While people might feel more empowered and emboldened to take on governmental corruption, the ties between governments and corporations are very tight. Companies will feel the pressure to fall into step with anti corruption efforts, likely expanding anti corruption training and awareness programs.

Those corporations willing to drive integrity through action and deed will engage their workforce as the primary asset they have to fight corruption, both the internal variety and corruption witnessed through their supplies, vendors and governmental officials. This will require a committed approach to anti corruption training, transparency, escalation, follow-up and reporting.

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