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Code Trends Part I: Brand Matters

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Code Trends Part I: Brand Matters

This is the first in a three-part series on the latest trends in developing and delivering exceptional codes of conduct.

After rounding the final bend on several code rewrite/redesign projects, we’ve had some time to reflect on the shared experience we’ve had with some very large client partners and lessons learned in the process. Since it’s unlikely that David Letterman will cover our Top Ten code trend list, I thought I’d throw my top three into a series of blogs. Trend Number 1: Brand Matters.

One aspect that really stood out in recent code projects was each company’s attention to uniquely branding its code to reflect the culture of the company and the demographic of its employees. Everyone understands the value of branding when it comes to external messaging – but for internal messaging? Yes. As an employee, you’re more likely to connect with a code that reflects the look-and-feel of your company, one that features images of the people and places you recognize and highlights the types of ethical scenarios you face on a day-to-day basis.

Branding a code means leveraging the design (think colors, fonts and photos) and messaging style (think language and terminology) that have meaning for your employees, so that whenever they see it they instantly recognize it as theirs. Every company is unique – every company’s code should be, too. If a company’s values are the centerpiece of its operation, then building out code topics around those values is smart. If there is a logo, an illustration style or a color scheme that defines a company, that design feature should be prominent in its code. If reliance on detailed policy is the way a company operates, then including hyperlinks to those policies in the code makes sense. Bottom line: when a code is “on brand,” it “fits” the corporate culture and will likely resonate with employees.

Landing on the perfect rendering of good design and good copy is well, nirvana, for our team of code geeks. We understand the value of a company name and its connection to a reputation, a strategy, a distinctive way of doing things. We work hard to ensure our designs are perfectly aligned with a company’s brand and our messaging speaks in a way that employees can identify with. Want to see how we did? Check out our employee branded code of conduct samples.

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