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Majoring in Compliance

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Majoring in Compliance

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker among other thought leaders in the compliance area to speak with a group of MBA students at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

In preparation for the discussion, I quickly realized that there is no compliance major – it’s not something you learn in school. Instead, compliance is the application of broad and specific business knowledge to help an organization achieve and maintain regulatory compliance as well as a strong ethical standing.

Amid the eager students, numerous questions were asked about how technology is helping compliance activities: Why is there a need for a policy management system? Why is ethics training important – isn’t that the boring stuff? Does all this talk about ethical cultures really matter?

Well, yes, it does matter, and technology can help organizations achieve compliance levels in this challenging and dynamic environment. But what really matters is that you know to look for compliance in your day-to-day tasks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketing manager, a finance analyst or the CEO. All organizations have various compliance challenges, and ethics and compliance reach all roles within the organization.

Many thanks to the Goizueta Business School and the leader of the seminar, Kurt Wachholz of Wellspring Compliance, for having me speak to these MBA prospects. I’m look forward to the next opportunity to challenge our future leaders to think about compliance as an ongoing part of their roles.

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Jimmy Lin, VP, Product Management & Corporate Development. Jimmy leads corporate and product strategies for The Network’s Integrated GRC Solutions. He has over 14 years experience in and around software and technology, from implementing software to analyzing new markets and leading product strategies. Jimmy is a Certified GRC Professional (GRCP). Connect with Jimmy on LinkedIn

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