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ON DEMAND WEBCAST | Conducting Global HR Investigations

Conducting Global HR Investigations

Hosted by OCEG (60 mins)

When a situation arises requiring HR to launch an investigation, it is often a crisis. Reacting without forethought in the heat of the moment can lead to rushed, unplanned and ineffective investigations that can even make a situation even worse.

Understanding how to ask the right questions in the right way, preserving evidence and avoiding pitfalls is the key to successful outcomes resulting in the reduction of discrimination and retaliation claims.


  • Learn how to prepare for HR investigations
  • Appreciate conflicting requirements in different countries
  • Understand the importance of evidence preservation and record keeping
  • Triggers to start an investigation
  • Effective practices of interview techniques
  • Best practices for report writing


Kathy Cooper Franklin, Shareholder (Littler)
Tahl Tyson, Shareholder (Littler)
Jimmy Lin, VP of Product Management & Corporate Strategy (The Network)


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