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ON-DEMAND WEBCAST| The State of Compliance Law 2013

The State of Compliance Law 2013

Featuring Kaplan & Walker

Legal imperatives and developments continue to be the core driver of most compliance and ethics programs. But what aspects of the vast areas of relevant law do C&E officers truly need to know to be effective in their jobs? And what is the likely trajectory of C&E law in the years to come? How do you ensure that your internal systems and processes stay aligned with changes to C&E law?

In this on-demand presentation, we discuss the current state of C&E law as well as how best to align your programs and initiatives to effectively manage ethics and compliance in your organization. Two of the nation’s most experienced C&E lawyers – Rebecca Walker and Jeff Kaplan, partners at Kaplan & Walker LLP – cover the following critical topics including:


  • Important legal developments boards of directors and senior executives should be made aware of
  • How to use C&E-related legal developments in training and communications
  • How to take C&E legal developments into account in implementing risk assessments
  • New theories of corporate liability for compliance failures, including individual liability for directors and officers
  • The continued rise of the “mega fine” – and the new “top-ten” list of costliest criminal prosecutions
  • The conflict of interest case of the year, and what can be learned from it
  • Lessons from C&E requirements in recent settlements
  • Important cases and guidance on whistleblower protection
  • NLRB decisions impacting investigations and social media compliance controls
  • Global/non-U.S. C&E legal expectations of importance to U.S. organizations


Jeffrey Kaplan, Partner (Kaplan & Walker, LLP)
Rebecca Walker, Partner (Kaplan & Walker, LLP)
Jimmy Lin, VP Product & Corporate Strategy (The Network)

Webinar State of Compliance Law 2013

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