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ON-DEMAND WEBCAST | Protecting Against Discrimination & Harassment

Protecting Your Organization Against Discrimination & Harassment

Featuring F&H Solutions Group, LLC

Every organization out there faces a common and misunderstood workplace foe: discrimination and harassment. These issues account for huge losses – upwards of $3 billion annually – in terms of turnover and productivity, employee morale, litigation and penalties, even corporate reputation. The key to protecting your organization is in how you present these issues, as well as the risks, to your workforce.

In this on-demand presentation, you will learn how you can engage your employees so that your organization maintains the highest possible level of respect in the workplace, while mitigating the risks posed by discrimination. Jennifer Melton, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/diversity management consultant and facilitator with F&H Solutions Group LLC, will discuss the organizational impact of discrimination and harassment as well as proper investigative practices.

Elizabeth Lewis, senior communications manager at The Network, will explain how training and awareness influence desired employee behavior and drive your prevention efforts. Elizabeth will show how interactive training can engage your workforce to understand these issues as well as what steps must be taken should harassment occur.


  • The damage discrimination and harassment could be causing your organization right now
  • The differences in state-mandated training requirements (i.e. California AB 1825, etc.)
  • Why reporting and proper escalation, investigation and follow-up are essential
  • Leveraging ethics training to prevent issues and protect your interests


Jennifer Melton, EEO Consultant (F&H Solutions Group, LLC)
Elizabeth Lewis, Sr. Communications Manager (The Network)

Protecting Against Harassment and Discrimination

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