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Introducing… Agile Code of Conduct™

Corporate culture evolves, So should your Code

A truly effective Code is an authentic expression of who you are and who you want to be. To your employees and stakeholders that is much more than a PDF, even a nicely designed one.

agile code of conduct

The Agile Code of Conduct™ is a Web-based, responsive Code experience that brings your culture and values to life. It has many of the same features and functionality as a website. It is truly interactive and employees can access it from anywhere, on any device.

Employees can navigate it anyway they want (like a website) instead of going through it linearly (like a document) which means they can go directly to what they are looking for and because it’s truly interactive, it can contain videos and interactive exercises like quizzes, decision trees and more.

But it also turns your Ethics & Compliance team into marketers. It lets them drive visits to the Code, promote relevant ethics and compliance messages (maybe a vignette highlighting the company’s gifts policy in November?), engage employees and access analytics so they can see which areas are being viewed, which areas are not and where potential knowledge gaps may be.

Request a live demonstration of the Agile Code today to see the real impact it can have on your organization.

[Agile Code of Conduct] is not an innovation…. it’s a revolution.

Thomas Fox, Principal Consultant
Advanced Compliance Solutions LLC

Awards & Certifications 2013 GRC 20/20 Technology Innovation Award 2013 TAG Top 40 Innovative Company 2012 IABC Gold Quill Award 2012 MarCom Award We self-certify compliance Safe Harbor Safe Harbor Certification SOC 2 Certification