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WHITEPAPER | The Foundations of Social Media Risk Management

The Foundations of Social Media Risk Management

While most organizations recognize the use of social media is a popular and often necessary part of modern business, it can be a compliance nightmare. Companies often fail to appreciate the different dimensions of social media risk, which often results in either inadequate policies that prohibit social media use altogether, which is unrealistic and can hurt the business, or demand levels of access to social media accounts which violate employee rights. To minimize corporate risk and maximize the benefits of social media, organizations should pursue a risk-sensitive strategy that engages employees and balances exposures, investment costs, and legal obligations.

This whitepaper, authored by Blue Hill Research and commissioned by The Network, provides an overview of the scope of the problem and discusses issues that organizations must review in order to develop effective responses to social media risk.

You will learn:

  • How to conduct an effective social media risk assessment
  • Why employee engagement is key to mitigating social media risk
  • Best practices for social media compliance policies and training

AUTHORBlue Hill Research Social Media Compliance Training

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