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WHITEPAPER | Benchmarking Your Policy Management Program

Benchmarking Your Policy Management Program

Corporate policies define boundaries for the behavior of individuals, business processes, relationships, and systems. With today’s complex business operations, global expansion, and the ever-changing legal, regulatory and compliance environments, a well-defined policy management program is vital.

GRC 20/20’s Effective Policy Management Benchmark provides a framework for an organization’s policy management program to be measured against peers within industry as well as organizations of similar size and structure across industries.

Download the whitepaper, Benchmarking Your Policy Management Program for a practical look inside the six core components of policy management and how to self assess whether your processes are deficient, common or best practice.

You will learn:

  • Where your company’s policy management numbers fit in within your industry and across companies of similar size and structure
  • How to articulate a culture of risk, and establish policy management as more than a nuisance
  • Ways to consolidate your policies to increase accountability


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