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WHITEPAPER | Policy & Training Investment: The Front End of Compliance

Investing in Policy & Training

As the complexities of compliance expand, with the advent of new regulations and stepped-up enforcement activity, organizations are facing new challenges that require them to invest in their compliance efforts more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Investments in the “front end” of compliance management, in areas such as policy management and training, drive employee awareness of new and updated standards and help mitigate the risks when misconduct occurs. Organizations that fail to invest in this “front-end” compliance run the risk of poorly communicated or outdated policies and a lack of employee engagement.

Download your whitepaper today to learn the importance of “front-end” compliance.

You will learn:

  • The 4 phases of compliance activity required to turn regulatory requirements into effective compliance training program
  • The “preventative value” of an effective policy management system and compliance training program
  • How The Network’s policy management system and compliance training program combine the strength of these tools in an integrated compliance system

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