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WHITEPAPER | Mergers and Acquisitions Under the FCPA

Mergers and Acquisitions Under the FCPA

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Guidance, issued in 2012, makes clear that one of the ten hallmarks of an effective compliance program is around mergers and acquistions (M&A), in both the pre and post-acquistion context. A company that does not perform adequate FCPA due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition may face both legal and buisness risks.

Most commonly, inadequate due diligence can allow a course of bribery to continue – with all the attendant harms to a business’s profitability and reputation, as well as potential civil and criminal liability. In contrast, companies that conduct effective FCPA due diligence on their acquisition targets are able to evaluate more accurately each target’s value and negotiate for the costs of bribery to be borne by the target.

Download your whitepaper today to learn the best FCPA training practices when undergoing a merger and/or acquisition.

You will learn:

  • 5 steps to thorough pre-acquisition due diligence
  • 15 key risk factors for FCPA M&A analysis
  • Post acquisition integration best practices

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