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Our July Picks for the Top 10 Ethics and Compliance Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

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Our July Picks for the Top 10 Ethics and Compliance Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

Picking this month’s top 10 was really, really hard. However, since I knew you wouldn’t appreciate a 12 page list of recommendations, I forced myself to narrow it down. Here are July’s top ten articles we think you shouldn’t miss.

1. The Characteristics of Corrupt Corporate Cultures

The Global Anticorruption Blog

Remember when I shared with you that I’d worried that I would run out of bribery news after starting our FCPA Compliance Digest, only to be overwhelmed by the volume of news? Alison Taylor, the Director of Advisory Services for BSR, contributed a guest post to The Global Anticorruption Blog in which she discusses why, despite increased focus and funding for anti bribery compliance programs, we continue to see widespread violations of anti-bribery laws, and firms’ own compliance policies. Why? She explains and provides the foundational steps required to make sure you’re not building your compliance program on quicksand. Read more…

2. Women as Whistleblowers: Does Gender Affect Retaliation?

The Legal Intelligencer

The results from this study aren’t altogether surprising (spoiler alert: gender does affect retaliation), but the degree to which gender influences retaliation is surprising. The article is based in part on Frederick D. Lipman’s book, which is titled “Whistleblowers: Incentives, Disincentives, and Protection Strategies.” He reviews the results of an empirical study conducted by four researchers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, and summarizes the conclusions and possible implications for your company. Read more…

3. 4 Signs of a Weak Culture of Compliance and Ethics

Volkov Law Blog

As Michael Volkov says, “We all know the importance of promoting a culture of compliance and ethics.” Yet not every company has a culture that supports ethical behavior, which undermines all of your ethics and compliance initiatives. Michael describes four warning signs of a weak culture that you should be on the lookout for in your own company. Read more…

4. GCs, audit committees have important role when it comes to whistleblower hotlines

Inside Counsel

The EY Center for Board Matters has released a new report, “Whistleblower Hotlines and the Role of the Audit Committee,” which provides some important recommendations for improving reporting programs. According to EY’s Ruby Sharma, “General Counsel have a pivotal role in establishing policies and procedures, setting up, responding to and analyzing hotlines for whistleblowers.” Read more…

5. Business Ethics across Generations

Institute of Business Ethics

Both ageing populations and the new generation entering the workforce are creating new opportunities for employers, especially in relation to embedding business ethics. For this reason, understanding the different characteristics of the generations is fundamental in building a culture founded on ethical values. Read more…

6. What directors should know about a company’s readiness to deal with a data breach

Inside Counsel

Boards of directors are increasingly concerned about data breaches. This is understandable, given the increasing risks, costs and potentially catastrophic impacts. According to a recent survey, approximately 80 percent of directors reported that data security was a topic at every board meeting. What do directors need to know about creating a culture of security that includes security awareness training? What information should you prepare before the next board meeting? Read more…

7. Benchmarking Bribery & Corruption: Compliance Progress & Frustration

Richard Bistrong

Kroll recently published the 2015 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Benchmarking Report: How Companies Navigate Bribery and Corruption. Last year, Richard Bistrong analyzed the results of the 2014 report, but this year, he takes it a bit further. After comparing the results of the 2014 and 2015 reports, Bistrong interviewed the Kroll Managing Director of EMEA Compliance, Kevin Braine. This article contains the entirety of the interview, which includes answers to questions such as, “The Report speaks of the “frustrating picture of compliance officers struggles to implement a global strategy for anti bribery compliance and to tame vendor/third party risks.” Do you think that it is just due to the overwhelming nature of the endeavor or perhaps in part due to internal “compliance fatigue” where there is a lack of organizational support and hence commitment of resources?” Read more…

8. A Way to Assess and Prioritize Your Change Efforts

Harvard Business Review

This isn’t exactly a compliance article, but to paraphrase Richard Bistrong, “Some of the best compliance reads are not about compliance.” The opening sentence of this Harvard Business Review article reads: “Change is the status quo.”

Can you relate? Change is as plentiful in ethics and compliance as anywhere else in the business world, and compliance officers are tasked with creating substantial, sometimes foundational, changes within their organizations. This article provides a framework for discussing change initiatives with different levels of the organization, and for ultimately making those initiatives more successful. This could be particularly beneficial for organizations that need to make drastic changes (such as combating a weak ethics culture), but the framework applies to smaller changes as well. If you have new initiatives to roll out that require any sort of organizational change, this article is a must read. Read more…

9. 4 Keys to Managing an Effective Whistleblower Program

Texas Lawyer

We already know that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is more active and aggressive in enforcement than ever, and that whistleblowers aren’t required to report internally before reporting to the SEC. However, there are plenty of steps you can take to make internal reporting more attractive to someone who has witnessed misconduct. Texas Lawyer shares four things you can do to encourage internal reporting, as well as some do’s and don’ts for managing an effective internal whistleblower program. Read more…

10. Compliance Trends around the World – 10 Questions for the Compliance Heads of Baker & McKenzie – And The Answers Every Compliance Professional Should Know

Global Compliance News

Global Compliance News recently conducted interviews with Mini vandePol (Head of the Baker & McKenzie Global and Asia-Pacific Compliance Practice Group), Joan Meyer (Head of the North American Compliance & Internal Investigations Practice Group) and Joanna Ludlam (Head of the Baker & McKenzie EMEA Compliance Practice Group). GCN asked which current compliance trends and developments compliance professionals should be aware of, and how they can use the insights to strengthen the compliance programs at their companies. Read more…

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(PS: Be sure to check out our June FCPA Compliance Digest and our June Whistleblower Digest for a round-up of June’s top FCPA and whistleblower news.)

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