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The Key to Fostering Employee Engagement in Workplace Harassment Training

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The Key to Fostering Employee Engagement in Workplace Harassment Training

OCEG Chair Scott Mitchell and The Network’s VP of Product Management and Corporate Development, Jimmy Lin, discuss how to foster engagement around areas that affect companies of all sizes, such as workplace harassment training. They also address the particular challenges of AB1825 training, the harassment and discrimination training mandated in California.


Scott Mitchell: We’ve been talking generally about education and communication and about GRC and employee engagement. How does this apply? I guess more specifically if we take some hot topical areas, one hot topic, an area that really companies of all shapes and sizes, I mean this is true not just for the 50,000-person multinational company, it’s true for the 50-person company, and that is around anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, those types of areas.

Jimmy Lin: Recently there was a new executive order signed to really help address additional sort of harassment and discrimination arenas around federal contractors. I think that has helped highlight the fact that while you may be a small company, you may only have 50 or 60 people, that is still an area that you need to watch out for as a federal contractor or if you want to have a contract with the federal government.

I think that has helped extend some of the changes that organizations have already put into place in terms of adapting to the times so to speak, but I think there is still the challenge around California’s AB 1825 training requirements. The fact that while it’s now going on almost ten years old, there are still challenges of employers understanding they may be opening up a new office in California, or they may have subcontractors out there, are they compliant with AB 1825 and what do those strategies look like? So, not only do you have to think about are you complying with it, but just the engagement around that process. Specifically for AB 1825 training, you have that two-hour requirement, and it’s a little grueling to sit someone in front of any training for two hours and really force them to go through whatever course or workshop it is that they’re going through. So, you’ve got to come up with strategies to help bring those scenarios to life, to help bring those things to be more interactive so that they can engage with that content, so they don’t just see it as wow, I have to sit through two hours’ worth of workplace harassment training. I think there is still a lot of understanding sort of from a harassment and discrimination standpoint of making sure they’re covering their bases, but at the same time there are really a lot of specifics around that training topic.

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