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ON-DEMAND WEBCAST | Effective Anti-Bribery Compliance in Europe

How EU Companies Can Implement & Demonstrate Effective Anti Bribery Compliance in Emerging Markets

Featuring Markus Brinkmann (60 mins)

European companies subject to FCPA jurisdiction or comparable European jurisdictions, and doing business in emerging markets such as the BRIC nations, face a rigorous compliance standard. Firms must have compliance processes and systems in place that let them both prevent – and demonstrate they can prevent – bribery, fraud and other misconduct.

This webcast, How EU Companies Can Implement & Demonstrate Effective Anti-Bribery Compliance in Emerging Markets, features Markus Brinkmann, the head of BDO Germany’s forensic practice, who has participated in worldwide FCPA investigations as well as investigations regarding European legislation and solved fraud cases related to bribery, embezzlement and money laundering. In this webcast Markus will discuss:

  • Highlight specific case studies regarding different jurisdictions including FCPA
  • Discuss best practices for mitigating liability in high risk markets
  • Provide practical guidance on implementing policies & training programs that span languages and cultures



Markus Brinkmann,  Head of BDO Germany’s Forensic Practice (BDO)

Markus Brinkmann has served as the head of BDO Germany’s Forensic practice since 2005. He is also the head of BDO Germany’s Internal Audit services and serves as a global Steering Committee Member, coordinating Risk Advisory services in the EMEA region. He has worked for BDO Germany since 2003, initially as a manager responsible for fraud investigations and internal audits.

Throughout his career, Markus Brinkmann has been successful at solving fraud cases related to bribery, embezzlement, industrial espionage, financial statement fraud, and money laundering. He assists companies in civil and criminal law cases, supporting their claim settlement for fidelity and directors and officers liability insurance. He is an acknowledged expert in fraud and financial investigations and has worked with many of the leading international law firms. Mr. Brinkmann also conducts several anti-fraud training programs in Germany and teaches M.B.A. classes on fraud-related matters.

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