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Embracing Whistleblowers & Cultivating a Culture of Reporting

The average whistleblower isn’t who you think…Understand whistleblower risk and cultivate a culture of reporting.

When most compliance practitioners think about whistleblowers, the last thing they think about is embracing them. After all, a whistleblower can cost your company millions in fines, penalties and legal fees and upend your life as a compliance professional.

In a moment of frustration or anger, it’s easy to imagine the whistleblower with a big smile on his face, waiting for a big payday under Dodd-Frank and gleeful at the cost and chaos he has caused.

But is that really what happens?

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

    • The primary motivators for external reporting
    • The profile of the average whistleblower
    • How to embrace a culture of reporting
    • 5 steps you can take to manage whistleblower risk

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