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What’s The Best Channel for Corporate Compliance Training?

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What’s The Best Channel for Corporate Compliance Training?

OCEG Chairman Scott Mitchell talks with Jimmy Lin, Vice President of Product Management and Corporate Development at The Network, about the different channels available to deliver corporate compliance training.

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Scott Mitchell: Let’s talk about some of those channels. So, we design it appropriately and select the channels and then we end up delivering it through some of these channels. What is or what is not a channel? Is e-mail a way of training and educating, text messaging, all these things? Can you talk to the range of channels that you’re seeing people use as they educate and communicate with the workforce?

Jimmy Lin: Well, I think a lot has changed like you said earlier about the way we think about corporate compliance training, right? It is no longer just thought about as purely we have to sit down in a classroom for 45 minutes and get lectured at by some subject matter expert. It’s thinking about those types of sessions coupled with the ways we really touch employees on a very regular interval basis. To me there is really this concept of making sure that you are touching the employee on those compliance topics on a regular cadence so that it starts driving retention, it starts driving more of that long term memory so that when things do come up (because in compliance a lot of the time, until something bad happens, you’re not really utilizing it as part of your daily job), but you want to know when something bad happens what to look for. So, I think when you think about the different channels that can be used whether it be e-mails, whether it be landing pages, whether it be short bursts of vignettes of two to three minute videos. Really when we think back to marketing campaigns and all the different ways that someone can touch you around a particular topic, really those are opportunities for us to think about, in terms of touching our employees and the extended enterprise about corporate compliance training and about how we think about topics around harassment and things like that.

Next Step: Maximizing the ROI of Corporate Compliance Training

Measuring the ROI of training can be difficult, especially figuring out which metrics best measure the impact of training has on corporate culture. It’s also difficult to shift focus away from the scalability of training to the personal engagement and education needs of individual learners. In The Business Impact of Employee Engagement in Ethics and Compliance Training, David Houlihan, Principal Analyst of Blue Hill Research, discusses the underlying business needs and dynamics related to the role of employee engagement in the execution and value of training.

Another great resource for increasing the ROI of employee training is this presentation by Jennifer Kugler, Senior Director of Research for CEB’s Legal, Risk & Compliance Group. She provides insight into how you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your ethics and compliance training by making data-driven decisions, impacting how you develop and deploy courses and target curriculum to the highest risk audiences.

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We’re all ears! Which channels have you found to be most effective? Which are least effective? You can join the conversation by commenting on the blog, messaging us on JDSupra or messaging me directly on LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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