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Taking Anti Bribery Training Beyond the Typical “Check-the-Box”

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Taking Anti Bribery Training Beyond the Typical “Check-the-Box”

We can all agree that ethics training is key to mitigating risk. In the wake of the new UK Bribery Act and increased enforcement of existing anti-bribery legislation (i.e. the FCPA), organizations need to address these risks with an eLearning, anti bribery training solution that stands apart from the typical check-the-box ethics training and provides employees with critical, timely information about anti-bribery to keep them on top of legislative mandates.

As if the domestic implications of the FCPA were not serious enough, the UK Bribery Act promises to be more comprehensive and far-reaching. Deloitte polled its audience and found that 73% of participants were not familiar with provisions in the U.K. Bribery Act. When reading the press and the actual legislation, I get the sense of “swift and blind justice” in these reform bills. Under the UK Bribery Act, the provision of anti-corruption training is listed as one of the required adequate procedures. I have actually heard it referred to as “the training provision.”


On such a weighty topic, due diligence in regards to training content is very important, which means developing ongoing relationships with subject matter experts. For our Anti-Bribery courses, we’ve been fortunate to partner up with SMEs such as FSB Legal, Eversheds, and Grant Thornton. It’s also important to take an “organic” approach to training, to communicate what the topic means to an everyday employee, rather than to speak in legalese. Now is the perfect time to ask yourself if your employee population is ready for the UK Bribery Act. Are you fulfilling the “training provision” of domestic and international anti- bribery laws?

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