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Compliance Policy Certification

Track Compliance Policy Certification for a More Defensible Compliance Program

Merely writing policies, storing them and emailing your employees a link to them is not a defensible way to manage your policies. It’s vital to be able to manage compliance policy certification with a solution that lets you know, in an integrated fashion, which employees certified to which policies, on which date.

It’s not enough to simply show your employees your policies. Your company must be able to see that employees have read your policies, understood them and certified to them, and identify whether they made any disclosures.

An integrated approach to ethics and compliance policy certification will also include reporting, so you can see, for instance, whether you have a gap in understanding in one of your policies, which would let you quickly roll out additional training.

Ethics and compliance policy certification does not have to be a mystery. Download this free whitepaper, “The Integrated Approach to Managing Policies” from The Network to discover a more defensible way to manage ethics and compliance policy certification.


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