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Wage and Hour Training

Bolster Policy Adherence and Employee Education with Engaging, Effective Wage and Hour Training

Wage and Hour Training is an important component of a compliance training curriculum. It’s vital that your employees understand certain the importance of following the company’s recordkeeping practices to ensure full documentation of – and compensation for – hours worked.

Wage and hour training will teach managers and employees that complying with good timekeeping practices not only promotes important workplace values, but ensures the company is in compliance with federal and state laws.

The Network’s compliance training courses “Employment Law: Wage and Hour for Supervisors” and “Employment Law: Wage and Hour for Employees” (hourly, “non-exempt”):

  • Defines who is a non-exempt employee

  • Speaks to the importance of timekeeping and what’s meant by the terms “off the clock” and “on-call” time.

  • Emphasizes the importance of taking and maintaining meal and rest periods. Explores timekeeping as it relates to travel, training and overtime.

  • Provides examples that illustrate when work officially starts and ends (and speaks to the concept of “donning and doffing”)

Complete the form to the right to request a demonstration of The Network’s wage and hour training courses “Employment Law: Wage and Hour for Supervisors” and “Employment Law: Wage and Hour for Employees.”


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