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Discrimination and Harassment Training

Build a Respectful Workplace with Engaging Discrimination and Harassment Training

Discrimination and harassment training is an essential part of creating a respectful work environment that promotes inclusion and complies with the law. It’s vital that you educate your employees on what constitutes harassment and discrimination, why it is not acceptable in your workplace and what each employee’s responsibility is in terms of prevention and reporting non-compliant behavior.

The Network’s two-hour discrimination and harassment training course, “Discrimination & Harassment: Maintaining Respect,” thoroughly defines the terms “discrimination” and “harassment”, provides several real-world examples of each and outlines the steps to take if harassment occurs.

Our contemporary, vector-animated style, with audio throughout the course, provides an engaging and memorable training experience that will make your discrimination and harassment training program more effective.

The training course can be easily configured to reflect different work environments and is fully compliant with state-mandated two-hour discrimination and harassment training requirements mandated by California AB1825 and similar laws in Maine and Connecticut.

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