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Security Awareness Training

Protect Your Organization With Interactive Security Awareness Training

Every day new technologies, new viruses and new versions of malware manage to penetrate the defenses of organizations that thought they were protected. Many times it’s not the firewalls that are breached; employees innocently pick up a thumb drive in the parking lot, put it into their computer and inadvertently release a virus. This is why security awareness training is so vital. It helps you create a “culture of security” for your organization and gives your employees practical tips on how to protect company assets, recognize threats and behave in a more secure manner.

  • Password management

  • Mobile devices

  • Viruses

  • Data storage and tracking

  • Reporting lost or stolen data equipment

  • Best-practices as they relate to social media

The Network provides a security awareness training program that includes several components, one of which is our security awareness training courses “Safeguarding Our Business,” which stresses that your best defense against internal and external breaches is not technology alone, but a culture of security, built through security awareness training, so employees take action automatically to protect information.

“Safeguarding Our Business” covers the kinds of threats companies face and how the actions of every employee have the potential for putting an organization at risk. The course educates employees on what they can do to protect their company’s systems, data and access and includes sections on:

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