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AB 1825 Training

Better Training to Prevent Harassment and Discrimination

California AB 1825 was passed in 2004 and requires all California employers with 50 or more employees to provide sexual harassment training to their supervisors every two years. Employers must train full-time and part-time employees, contractors, and employees outside of California.

The California law requires 2 hours of interactive AB 1825 training so putting up posters, handing out brochures and playing videos is not enough. Companies need to invest in quality, interactive AB 1825 training that engages employees and truly educates them on their responsibilities under the law.

The real challenge for employers is finding a training solution that meets AB 1825’s strict statutory requirements and keeps learners engaged for two full hours.

The Network’s two-hour course, “Discrimination & Harassment: Maintaining Respect,” provides a completely different training experience:

  • Contemporary, vector-animated style
  • Audio throughout the course
  • Engaging and memorable with interactive exercises
  • Can be cost effectively translated into multiple languages
  • Fully compliant with state-mandated two-hour training requirements in California, Maine and Connecticut.

Watch The Network’s Jimmy Lin and OCEG’s Scott Mitchell discuss the challenges employers face with AB 1825 training.

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