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Information Security Training

Protect Your Company With Information Security Training

High profile data breaches have highlighted just how critical it is to protect your company’s assets and data, and to ensure every employee understands the proper techniques for handling sensitive information and what happens when security protocols fail.

The Networks helps companies create a “culture of security” so protecting company data becomes almost second nature to your employees.  A key building block for this culture is our information security training course “Information Security: Safeguarding Our Business,” which covers the kinds of threats companies face and how the actions of every employee have the potential for putting an organization at risk.

The course educates employees on what they can do to protect their company’s systems, data and access and includes sections on:

  • Password management

  • Mobile devices

  • Viruses

  • Data storage and tracking

  • Reporting lost or stolen data equipment

  • Best-practices as they relate to social media

Request a live demo of The Network’s information security training course “Information Security: Safeguarding Our Business” today.

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