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ON-DEMAND WEBCAST | Creating an Engaging Global Code of Ethics

Creating an Engaging Global
Code of Ethics – Transcending Cultural Differences

Featuring Lori Tansey-Martens (60 mins)

It’s difficult enough to create a highly engaging Code of Ethics when your employees all reside in one country and speak one language. But when they operate everywhere from Beijing to Buffalo to Berlin, crafting an engaging Code of Ethics that really resonates with each employee is very, very challenging but absolutely essential to the success of both your ethics and compliance program and your ethical culture.

In this webcast, Lori Tansey-Martens, President and Founder of the International Business Ethics Institute, draws upon her experience from working with more than 100 companies in more than 60 countries, and shares real life examples of global organizations that have successfully navigated cross-cultural challenges, along with best practices you can use to assess and improve the effectiveness of your own global Code of Ethics.


  • How to avoid the most common mistakes companies make when creating global Codes of Ethics
  • Which Code topic areas pose the greatest challenges and how to transcend the cultural differences that are the root cause
  • Emerging trends and best practices for Code format and delivery




lori-tansey-martens-engaging-code-of-ethicsLori Tansey-Martens, Founder
(International Business Ethics Institute)

Active in the field of business ethics for over 20 years, Lori Tansey-Martens is a leading authority on international business ethics and has been recognized as a contemporary American opinion leader. As founder and chief executive officer of the International Business Ethics Institute, Ms. Tansey-Martens directs the Institute’s research and educational activities designed to promote responsible international business practices. Tansey-Martens travels the world over speaking on matters of business ethics and advising corporate CEOs and Ethics and Compliance Officers on policies, management systems, organizational assessments and senior level ethics education and training. Lori has been quoted in a variety of publications including the New York Times, Guardian, Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today, and Business Ethics Magazine. She has also appeared on such news broadcasts as CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, the Nightly Business Report, and CNN Financial News.

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