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ON-DEMAND WEBCAST | The CECO’s Role in Recovery from an Organizational Ethics Breach

The CECO’s Role in Recovery
from an Organizational
Ethics Breach

Featuring Kathleen Edmond (60 mins)

While no Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer looks forward to handling an organizational ethics breach, the realities of today’s business climate demand that every CECO is prepared. It’s not enough to have a plan for preventing ethical breaches. CECOs must have a strategy to handle not just the ethical breach itself, but rebuilding corporate culture following and maintain appropriate levels of organizational transparency moving forward.

In this webcast, The CECO’s Role in Recovery from an Organizational Ethics Breach, Kathleen Edmond, partner at Robins Kaplan and former CECO of Best Buy, uses real life illustrations to provide information, best practices and the hard practicalities a CECO must address following an organizational ethics breach.


  • Cultivate the bravery, good judgment and practical solutions required to be a trusted bearer of organizational bad news.
  • Get a seat at the table to help rebuild culture when a breach occurs.
  • Preserve and use the lessons learned from an ethics breach.
  • Lead the organizational conversation on ethics, transparency and risk.



Kathleen K. Edmond, Partner (Robins Kaplan, LLP)

Kathleen K. Edmond has spent the majority of her legal career in corporate ethics and compliance. As Chief Ethics Officer for a Fortune 100 company from 2004-2014, she built and subsequently led the company’s Ethics Office. Ms. Edmond is best known for creating a connected, ethical culture within the organization that supported business strategy, vendor integrity, and customer engagement. She has won national awards for her innovative and exemplary leadership in her field. Her original use of social media in furthering a transparent, ethical business operation, is groundbreaking. Ms. Edmond has a MBA with a concentration in Business Ethics from the University of St. Thomas and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Minnesota.



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