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Turning Up the Interactive

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Turning Up the Interactive

Making small talk with a friend at a party last week…how’s your family, how’s your job, you know, the normal stuff. When I told her I was working on content for a series of eLearning courses on ethics and compliance, she said she’d just taken some online training at her company – a huge, financial services company. “How was it?” I asked. “Oh, you know – the usual, lots of screens, too much information, some scenarios, that kind of stuff.” “Was it interactive? I asked. “Yes, there were five questions at the end you had to answer.”

I try not to cringe. Given the explosive growth of gaming technologies, simulations, infographics and other advanced graphic design techniques, “interactive” should mean something other than five questions at the end. If the amount of engagement required for ethics training is to simply hit the “next” button and choose “yes” or “no,” companies are missing an opportunity.

That’s what makes The Network’s entrance into this space so exciting – as a team that’s passionate about compelling, highly engaging creative, our off-the-shelf eLearning product is destined to deliver an employee experience that’s nothing like “the usual.”

What Makes it Different?

Our designers and developers have been head down, coming up with ways to engage the learner from beginning to end with hands-on activities, on-screen animation, challenging scenarios…and a little fun. Because we’ve found that even though ethics is a serious topic, it doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve also found ways to customize our off-the-shelf training product so that the look and feel can be customized to fit any industry and any employee demographic. We’ve heard many clients complain about products they’ve purchased from training companies where “the people don’t look like our people,” or “that kind of situation would never play out at our company.”

Not All Fun and Games

Of course, interactive has to be paired with great content. That’s the challenge moving forward for us…not just covering conventional ethics and compliance topics in an unconventional way, but also helping employees get the message and apply (online) lessons learned to everyday life on the job. Because in the final analysis, if an employee gets an overview of the FCPA (for example) that’s good training. But if a multiple-branching eLearning exercise on how to recognize a bribe causes an employee to question an offer from a foreign official and keep her company off the front page, that’s excellent training. To be continued…

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