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Compliance Training Solutions

Implementing effective ethics and compliance training can be challenging.

Boring training is dangerous because it doesn’t mitigate risk. If your employees are not engaged by the material, they can’t retain it and apply it when necessary.

That’s particularly important when it comes to ethics and compliance training, arguably some of the most important training employees receive.That is why we took a different approach to ethics and compliance training solutions.

The Network’s training and communications programs  integrate best practices for delivering ethics and compliance messages with leading instructional design concepts. Our compliance training solutions leverage the ways that employees consume information and truly engage them so they can understand and retain the material.

We also built our compliance training solutions to solve common challenges experienced by many companies. Our compliance training solutions are easy to configure so they can reflect the look and feel of your culture and environment, easy to translate into multiple languages and easy to implement and distribute.

With a full library of ethics and compliance training solutions, including full-length courses, learning blocks and vignettes, The Network brings expert level content that catches and keeps your employees’ attention, so they can remember and apply the principles they learn each day. That is an effective way to mitigate risk.

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  • Anti-Bribery: Doing Business Fairly
  • Information Security: Safeguarding Our Business
  • Code of Conduct: Code Words to Build Your Ethical Culture
  • Harassment and Discrimination: Maintaining Respect
  • Social Media: Making Responsible Connections
  • And More…

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