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Antitrust Compliance Training

How confident are you that your employees fully understand competition laws and how to conduct themselves in those ever present ‘gray-area’ situations?

Antitrust compliance training is critical for employees to understand the principle of a free, open market and the need to avoid business practices that would violate antitrust or competition laws.

The Network’s antitrust compliance training course “Antitrust/Competition Law: The Competitive Workplace” is an engaging training course with an emphasis on familiarizing employees with applicable laws and stressing the avoidance of conduct that could even suggest that these laws are being compromised.

Developed in partnership with the law firm FSB FisherBroyles, LLP, The Network’s antitrust compliance training course provides a high-level overview of antitrust legislation while explaining the purpose of these laws, who they apply to and the consequences of violating them.

Antitrust issues included in this course include relationships among competitors, customers and suppliers; the course also explains what employees need to know about monopolization as well as mergers and acquisitions. The antitrust compliance training course includes interactive activities such as “Decision Point,” a highly immersive interactive exercise providing an exploratory learning experience, challenging employees to pick a path and then view the consequences in a variety of gray-area situations.

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antitrust compliance training

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